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Faith at Work Summit 2018

In 2018, I had the opportunity to serve as the Communications Director for the Faith at Work Summit 2018 in Chicago, IL. In the leadup to the Summit, I had the opportunity to interview and highlight the work of many of the contributors to the conference. You can find the articles I wrote on the Green Room Blog at

  • Chuck Proudfit (At Work on Purpose) and Citywide Marketplace Ministry
  • Lisa Slayton (then Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation) on the Growth in Collaboration and Need for Diversity in the Faith and Work Movement
  • Randy Pope (City Attorney- Hattiesburg, MS) and Serving God in Law & Government Service
  • Brian Fikkert (Chalmers Center) and Reimagining Work
  • DeLano Sheffield (Made to Flourish Kansas City Network Co-Leader) on Shepherding as a Worker
  • Tracy Mathews (The Call to Work) on Neurobiology, Discipleship, and Our Work
  • Helen Kim (then Korean American Community Foundation in New York City) on Integrating Theology of Work into a Child’s Worldview
  • Will Messenger (Theology of Work Project)
  • Al Erisman (Seattle Pacific University, The Boeing Company)

Videos of the main sessions of the Faith at Work Summit 2018 can be found at:

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